Sienar Conglomerate Completes Defense Project in Yitabo

And in other news we have a big announcement just in from the Yitabo sector. For more we will go to our reporter on the ground Angela Alexander.

*As the news feed changes an image of a human female reporter standing inside the shield network control center on planer Yitabo appears. A head line scrolls across the bottom of your screen:*


Good news for the people of Yitabo, thanks to the hard work of a team lead by Morgan Dall and a substantial investment from the Sienar Conglomerate the planetary shields on Yitabo are now operational. This means economic safety for the people of Yitabo and will allow growth in their economy unlike never before. Vice President Bart Roberts commented earlier today saying “We strive to offer the tools for success to all the worlds flying the Sienar Conglomerate flag.

We will continue to work hard to see the people of Yitabo have those tools as long as the Sienar flag flies here. I see this as an investment in our future. I would also like to thank Mr. Dall and his team for their outstanding job on this project.” I am sure we will hear more about this breaking story. Back to you Jim.